Our Property Partner Amazing

Long Term Tenants

Our primary clients include business travelers, those seeking relocation services, medical housing, and emergency housing for extended stays.

Security Deposit and ID Verification

In addition to the rental agreement, our clients provide a damage deposit that is refunded at the end of their stay. We also collect valid identification and run proper screening checks from our clients prior to their arrival.

Rental Agreements

Our clients sign rental agreements that incorporate community guidelines from all of the properties we work with.

Home Security

To maintain the safety of our clients and the community, we have implemented measuring devices in all of our properties. These devices measure humidity and sound levels in homes and apartments, and notify us of any potential HVAC issues, possible break-ins, or disruptions that exceed a designated decibel threshold for a specific duration. To protect the privacy of our clients, these devices do not record sound.

Keyless Entry

Where permitted by your community guidelines, we offer keyless entry for our clients and provide you with a dedicated key and code for maintenance purposes. Our clients receive a unique code for the duration of their stay, and once their rental period ends, they no longer have access to your property. By partnering with us, you will have full knowledge of who is arriving, how long they will stay, and when they will leave. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.